Friday, March 11, 2011

What Kind of Box? Another Random Table

To expand upon yesterdays Things In A Box post, below is another random table, this one to determine what kind of box has been found. This one probably should have come first, but the Things table was finished before I started on this one.

What Kind of Box?
A Random Table (3d12)
  1. polished metal cube, no visible seams except for lid
  2. shipping crate, rough wooden slats lined with canvas
  3. woven wicker cube on wooden frame
  4. oblong box, rough hewn boards with nails along edges
  5. rectangular box, paperboard over wooden frame
  6. tall & narrow storage box, doors on front, lacquered boards with decorative inlay
  7. finished wood cube with brass hardware and feet
  8. finished wood pentagon with flat top, lid pivots to the side on one corner
  9. oblong box of rusted iron with bolts along edges
  10. small, plain pine casket
  11. woven wicker basket on wooden frame, decorative silk woven into sides and lid
  12. glass display case on metal frame, inside lined with silk drapery to hide contents
  13. wood and leather steamer trunk
  14. wooden blanket chest with hinged lid
  15. large round paperboard hatbox
  16. intricately carved stone sarcophagus with slab lid
  17. wooden frame covered with stiffened leather sides
  18. oblong metal box with enameled overlay and decorative paint, hinged lid
  19. finished wood box with sliding lid, inlaid checker pattern around edges
  20. bone framed cube with stretched human skin sides, lashed together with leather cord
  21. small steel safe, double padlocked door on front
  22. oblong storage box on carved wooden feet
  23. large round metal barrel with screw top lid
  24. lacquered wood pyramid with removable metal cap
  25. hastily constructed box of unfinished wood panel sides and rough timber frame
  26. short, square box, lacquered boards with copper edging
  27. storage crate of wooden panels held together with metal straps
  28. woven reed basket on stick frame, tapered towards bottom, lift off top
  29. small lacquered wooden casket, decorative inlay on top, brass hardware and handles
  30. finished wood chest with single large pull out drawer
  31. octagon shaped box of painted wood, top folds open on two sides
  32. tall and narrow woven wicker basket
  33. plaster covered wooden slat cube with painted pattern on sides
  34. cube with frosted glass sides and metal frame

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    Albert R. said...

    Linked! :D
    (here: )

    Greg Gorgonmilk said...

    I'm adding this to my DM folder! Thanks.

    jkovesi said...

    I hate random tables.

    All dnd like gaming are weird, leave it and toss it to the trash can.

    From my point of view the whole oldschool gaming and retroclone rule designing are completely unnecessary. Because there are lot of games (for example odnd) and you don't have to publish n+1 version. Why don't you redesign the original dnd? Why fun playing with these clones?

    Unknown said...

    Look, a troll found my blog!

    It's fine by me if you hate random tables, old school gaming, and retroclones. I really don't care what you like or don't like. I am sad that your life is so empty that you need to waste your time telling other people that the games they enjoy are bad. Maybe you should take your free time and devote it to something useful instead. I think you will find life more enjoyable if you are doing something constructive.

    Aarneus said...

    I assume number 24 is Luggage from Discworld? :D

    Unknown said...

    @Aarneus-It could be, although that's not what I had in mind when I made up the table. I was thinking of carved lions foot furniture, something like this: