Monday, August 14, 2006

Claudio Pozas Sketch

The custom sketch that I had Claudio Pozas draw for me at Gen Con this year. It is, surprise surprise, Cthulhu as a Librarian.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Four Things

I found this on another blog that I read occasionally, and thought it was a neat excercise. So here goes:

Four jobs I've had
1. Americorps Volunteer at a state park
2. Shoe repair
3. Assistant Editor at HarperCollins Science Fiction imprint, HarperPrism
4. Grape picker at a winery

Four movies I can watch over and over
1. Star Wars
2. Lord of the Rings (any of them)
3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
4. Alice In Wonderland (Disney)

Four places I've lived
1. Pine Bush, NY
2. Chelsea, Manhattan, NY
3. Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
4. Charlottesville, VA

Four TV shows I love
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Firefly
3. Good Eats
4. Freaks and Geeks

Four places I've vacationed
1. Belize
2. Corsica
3. Hatteras Island, NC
4. Maine

Four of my favorite dishes (to cook)
1. Pasta
2. Rice & Black Beans
3. Chili
4. Burgers on the grill

Four sites I visit daily

Four places I would rather be right now
1. Belize
2. DisneyWorld
3. GenCon
4. Hiking the AT

Four jobs I'd like to have
1. game designer
2. illustrator
3. cabinet maker
4. gardener

Four places I'd like to live
1. New Mexico
2. Ireland
3. Belize
4. In a house in the woods

Four books I love
1. Up in the Old Hotel
2. Alice In Wonderland
3. Lord of the Rings
4. Travels with Charlie

Four places I'd like to vacation
1. Australia
2. Galapagos Islands
3. Egypt
4. Ireland

Four of my favorite dishes (to eat)
1. spagetti with Nannie's sauce
2. pizza from John's of Bleeker Street
3. fresh berries (especially strawberries)
4. oranges and other citrus fruits

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This Should Come As No Surprise To My Fellow Gamers

You scored as Butt-Kicker. You like a straightforward
combat character. After a long day at the office, you want
to clobber foes and once more prove your superiority over
all who would challenge you.







Method Actor




Casual Gamer


Power Gamer


Law's Game Style
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