Thursday, September 15, 2005

Like a Hurricane...

Well, we were on vacation this week. 5 hours down to the Outer Banks on Saturday, nice day on Sunday, nice day on Monday, Tuesday looked to be a beautiful day... then we got the evacuation alert while watching The Weather Channel. Hurricane Ophelia, which had been sitting out in the ocean slowly spinning, spinning, spinning, had decided it was going to start heading inland and up the coast. Emergency Bulletin #6 will give all the details, if you really want to know. So we packed up all our stuff and by 11:30 am we were back on the road headed home, my vacation cut short by 1 day, Laura's cut short by 4 days.

But we did get to stop in Williamsburg, VA on the way home and have a decent lunch at the Mongolian grill/Chinese restaurant that we like there, and we were able to stop and see the newly renovated and expanded Swem Library at The College of William & Mary where Laura spent lots of time studying while in college, it's an impressive looking building. Not as grand as some of the UVA libraries on the outside, but inside it's very, very nice. All new study spaces, lots of computers, wide, open areas, condensed shelving to fit more volumes in smaller spaces, nice gallery spaces, and so on.

Then it was back to C'ville for more of the usual.

Music: Neil Young-Weld live album

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