Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Few Miniatures (Some Bad Guys)

*Updated on 2/18/2011 with a bit of info for each miniature. 

Since it's been a little while since my last post, here's a quick one with a few pictures of miniatures I've painted over the past year or so. These are all monsters of some sort, I'll get a post with some character miniatures up soon.

Wood Golem (Reaper)
While I've never used a wood golem in any of my D&D games, this miniature was just too neat to pass up when I spotted him among all the other Reaper minis at a game shop. Unlike most of the minis that I have purchased in the past, this guy immediately went to the top of the painting pile, and he came out pretty much as I wanted him too.

Mummy (Grenadier, Folklore Creatures of the Night box set)
This is actually the second time I have painted this miniature. I received the set he came with (Folklore Creatures of the Night) as a gift when I was in middle school, sometime in the early-mid 1980s. All the figures in the set were painted at the time with Testor's oil based model paints, which were the only paints that I had access to at the time. It was a pretty poor paint job, although the color scheme I used back then is basically the same as what I used this time, but he now has shading and highlights and the paint isn't slopped on nearly as heavily. Stripping 20+ year old oil paints off these old minis isn't nearly as difficult as it sounds, just a long soak in PineSol and a good scrub with a toothbrush.

Hellhound (WotC, Chainmail)
Not one of my favorite miniature sculpts, but I needed a hellhound and I had him in my unpainted miniatures among the WotC Chainmail minis I had purchased in an overstock blowout sale. He came out pretty well, although he was a lot simpler looking when I used him in the game. After using him I went back, touched up some paint, gave him a quick shading with Minwax polyurethane stain, and painted the base as "fire".

Crypt Wraith (Reaper)

I really like how this wraith came out, even though it's a very simple paint job. Gray base coat, white highlights, then finished with a couple washes of green ink. Glued to a washer for a base with some gravel and grey/brown static grass and he's done.

I enjoy painting miniatures, but it takes me a long time to finish one. After my son was born this past June, I only managed to pull the paints out once, back in December. I keep telling myself I'm going to pull them out again "this week", but it never seems to happen. Maybe by posting these pictures I'll have a bit more enthusiasm to do so one night after work. 


Risus Monkey said...

I had no idea you were still painting minis. Hope you get back at it.

Paul said...

I love that tiki wood golem! That's an inspired concept.

Cthulhu's Librarian said...

@ Paul-I'm really happy with the way the wood golem came out. I have never used one in a game, but when I saw him in the game shop I just had to buy him.

Kiltedyaksman said...


Simple or not, that wraith ROCKS!

Could you please expand on your painting recipe? What paints and inks specifically, etc?

Thank you!

Cthulhu's Librarian said...

@Kiltedyaksman-Thanks for the compliment! :-) I'll see what I can do as far as the painting recipe goes. I don't have any notes on him in my painting notebook, but I'm pretty sure I know which paints I used, and the technique to get the look was fairly easy. I'll try to get a post up in the next day or so.

Kiltedyaksman said...

That would be great! I'm relatively new to inks. I'll check back.

The Happy Whisk said...

Oh my gosh, I love these. Too cool.

Cthulhu's Librarian said...

Thanks for the compliment, Whisk!

Cthulhu's Librarian said...

@Kiltedyaksman-new post up with info on painting the wraith: