Saturday, January 16, 2010

3 Down, 47 to Go

Just a quick update on my reading goal for the year. I've finished 3 books so far. Not a bad start. I'll be posting my thoughts some of the books I read, but not all.

I've got a post on the first, Manhood for Amateurs, coming up shortly. Second was The Eyes of the Dragon, and third Lyra's Oxford. Lyra's Oxford was really only a short story with a very nice woodcut map (and some other random items) that fleshes out the world of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, but I'm counting it anyway, as it's a stand alone book. I've also read a comic collection that I'm not counting towards the total, Invincible volume 11: Happy Days.

Up next? I'm not sure, but I think I'm going to go for some non-fiction.

Listening: Dark Ages by Soulfly


Risus Monkey said...

Hey, I read Lyra's Oxford. Beautiful book. You should also check out Once Upon A Time In The North, which tells how Lee Scoresby meets Iorek Byrnison.

Gamer-X said...

Invincible vol 11 is out?? Dammit! I've let my cosmic awareness of comics really slip over the last few months, mostly because DC really jaded me last year. Thank the gods for Kirkman. I have to hit the comic store asap.

Cthulhu's Librarian said...

Yep, 11 is out, and 12 is supposed to be out next month (although given how Image always manages to miss pub dates on their trade collections, don't hold your breath).

Brendan said...

I love The Eyes of the Dragon. I know this post is almost two years old now, but if you never got around to it, I would still recommend it. It has this sense of creeping fairytale darkness mixed with ideas about growing up and disillusion that is rather unique. It's one of the most distinctly fantasy oriented stories King has written, but most of the fantastic elements occur off-screen or half off-screen. And the overlap with The Stand is fun too.

Rich Miller said...

@Brendan-sorry I missed your comment when you posted it! Yes, I did read Eyes of the Dragon, and enjoyed it quite a bit. The overlaps, as you mention, with both The Stand and The Dark Tower series were fun to come across during reading (although, what book of King's doesn't overlap with The Dark Tower?).